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In this website  I have placed at your disposal for free, bossa nova piano sheet music of the songs of my CD, "Love song in vain", and other musics of my previous CDs, "Opus Bossa Nova" and "Desafinados como Eu".  Firstly, I must say that I'm not a professional pianist (I'm guitarist and bassist).


Listen the complete Bossa Nova album (MP3) from the playlist bellow


However, at the beginning of my career I have studied piano. Moreover, the piano was always an important tool in my work as an arranger and must say that I love this instrument.  Consequently, if you're a pianist, you surely will be able to improve these partitures on the basis of your knowledge and feeling. This is the fundamental objective of this work: as a songwriter I will be very happy that other colleagues play my songs.  About the transcriptions, I tried to simplify them, thinking to make them easy, so that they can be played by professionals, beginners or amateurs.

But I must say that it isn't an easy work "to simplify" the bossa nova. This musical genre has a special harmonic and rhythmic complexity, and consequently, I must be careful: I can try "to remove chords" to facilitate the musical reading, but if I simplifies to much the harmony, it stops being bossa nova. Finally, I reiterate that I'm not a professional pianist, and consequently, all critics and/or advices will be welcome, and you can send them at this e-mail

You can listen these songs visiting my music page.

Thank you very much and I hope that you enjoy these bossa nova piano sheet music.

German Bense


Olhando a cruz do sul (Looking at the Southern Cross)

A dream that to fulfill (Um sonho por cumprir)

Mulher estrela do mar (Sea star woman)

Desafinados como Eu (Desafinados like me)

Between the sand and the sea

The dark side of my sun

Our silent world

Love song in vain

O Talisma (The talisman)

Serenata pra ninguem (Serenade for nobody)

Regresando (Returning)

Perto do horizonte (Near the horizon)

Anonimato (Anonymity)

What kind of love


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