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Since May of 2004, German Bense is working in his new Bossa Nova CD. The intention of the artist in this opportunity is to reaffirm definitively the profile of his  work, presenting us in a quartet format, brand new versions of his songs included in his CDs "Opus Bossa Nova" and "Desafinados como Eu" (no longer availables because "" no longer exist as an independent musicians site).

Also, German Bense offers us in his new work, new songs recently written like "Love Song in Vain", music that gives the name to the CD. We can affirm that "Love Song in Vain" represents a landmark in the German Bense artistic career; before and after. 

From now, begins the "after". "After" that perhaps says us that the Bossa Nova has since today a new and prolific singer-songwriter. "Love Song in Vain" is his "business card" and we hope that you enjoy it.  You can listen the songs of this CD  visiting the German Bense's music page


Working in the arrangments (08/24/2004)

Together, German Bense and the Cuban pianist Juan Prada, works in the musical arrangments of the new CD.  Prada and Bense knew themselves in 2002, playing in the pub "Bonnie & Clyde" of "Ciudad de la Costa", in where together, they made shows of bossa nova, jazz and candombe.

Since that time, and given their affinity as far as musical tastes, both became friends.  Finally, at the beginning of 2004, German proposed him to participate as pianist in his new work. In addition, the notable Prada will participate in the new album like arranger of some of the songs.





The arrangments are already finished (09/16/2004) 

The author and Juan Prada have finalized the musical arrangments of the new bossa nova CD. From now, and during the month of October, the training stage will be developed. Finally, during the month of November, the final stage of the work will be developed: the recording.

At this moment  it's opportune to present the musicians who will be to participate in the recording of the new album, band that from now will be denominate: "The German Bense Bossa Nova Quartet".

They are:

German Bense Juan Prada Martin Cruz Enrique "Checo" Anselmi

German Bense: Voice, guitar, arrangements and songwriting

Juan Prada: Piano and arrangements

Martin Cruz: Drums

Enrique "Checo" Anselmi: Bass


Finally, in june 2005, German Bense and his Bossa Nova Quartet presents the new CD "Love song in vain"




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