Piano sheet music and mp3 of "Our silent world"

A world that continually mutates overnight with an exponential vertigo .. increasingly violence, greed, selfishness and injustice ... less and less peace, solidarity, love and justice.
A humanity believe that advance by the hand of technological advances, ignoring that every day is falling into a second middle age.
Did the Romans thought that their forceful empire supported by their abundant riches and awesome technological advances as soon fall into a precipice of a thousand years of darkness?
Certainly not.
And like the Romans, our civilization, our silent world, is currently being dominated by the same pridefulness that pushes us to the edge of the pit believing that we know how to fly.
Wistful for a world that no longer exists, and having the Bossa Nova as an evidence and anthem of "the society of the dying romantics", lost in a world whose values have been badly shuffled, forgotten on a planet that bleeds in disasters caused by human greed.
As I said on other occasions, the bossa nova is synonymous of nature, love and peace, bossa nova is a cult of the beauty.
Arguably the bossa nova has lost its place in that new and ruined world. I prefer to say that this new and ruined world has lost its place in the bossa nova.
A crying, loneliness shared in an urban sunrise, sunless, smogged, walking aimlessly towards an imminent end ... walking dazed by the unbearable noise of a world inhabited by silent souls. The bossa nova giving its subtle an final warning.

German Bense


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