Piano sheet music and video of "Serenata pra ninguem" (Serenade for nobody)

I composed this "Serenata pra ninguem" Inspired by the outstanding scene "Dona Flor Serenade" from the film "Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands" (Bruno Barreto, 1976, based on the Jorge Amado's namesake novel)
In this case, I wrote this song in a "samba antigo" (old samba) style, driven by the mentioned source of inspiration, beyond all doubt.
In spite of that, from the lyrics standpoint, there is an important difference between the mentioned Bruno Barreto's scene and my samba: in my samba nobody open the window ... nobody answers the call of my music, and not for whim I decided that different spin for my composition. There is a very important symbolic charge in that decision, either from the personal point of view and from the historical standpoint.
"Serenata pra ninguem" transports me to a time of pure romance, passion, and can might even say "an ingenuous time", and through that lyrics attempt to position those ancient and romantic times as opposed to our contemporary reality ... our giddy, indifferent and dehumanized time.
From the point of view of the performance, the musical arrangement was made with a profile more close "bossa nova" than classic samba. But I intend, in the future, to realize a new recording of this samba in a style more in keeping with its lyrical-musical content.

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