Piano sheet music and video of "Love song in vain"

"Love song in vain", the song that gives the title to my third record album 100% of Bossa Nova.
But why love song in vain?
As in the chronicle of other of my songs I say that the bossa nova is love, light, nature, peace, beauty, a way of seeing life and also a special kind of behavior.
Now, all that joy of life, all that love and worship the beauty of the soul, today moves directly on a collision with the modern world, mostly violent, materialistic, cruel and insensitive.
So once I have solved the record album tracklist, I saw that mostly of the songs that I had included, made a cult of love (except "Our Silent World" and "Heróis rabo de palha").
Then I wondered if it really was worth continuing singing love songs so no one in this world will listen them, I wondered if that message of love turned disc really worth it, if that manifestation of my soul could reach other hearts.
And as the result of that inquiry, which I consider myself about my work, becomes the "Love of love in vain", the missing track, the title that the album hadn't yet..
While I wrote this song as a bossa nova classic, I confess that the lyrics doesn't transmit an encouraging message, I just want to. at least, do a simple invitation to reflection.

German Bense


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