Piano sheet music and video of "Desafinados como eu" (Desafinados like me)

The Bossa Nova, "love at first hearing", at least I felt that pleasure for over past 30 years. From that past time that music became an indivisible part of my being.
I always affirm that the bossa nova, besides being a awesome musical style is a particular way of seeing the world and a amazing lifestyle. The bossa is light, love, illusion, nature, sea, sun, enchantment and disenchantment, like a wave that comes and goes.
From a strictly musical point of view, bossa nova (or jazz-samba as someones named in the beginning) has an harmonic, melodic and rhythmic unmatchable alchemy, whose nonpareil quality is not easy to find in other musical genres in a world-wide context..
There are several reasons that becomes the bossa nova as unique.
Given that is a fusion musical genre, and in the same manner of mostly of musical fusion, the bossa nova was rejected by many people in its genesis, especially in Brazil, his own crib.
But it's the same bossa that, in the Newton Mendonça's lyrics, who responds to critics in an ironic but dandily way in his genial "Desafinado", with music by Antonio Carlos Jobim.
Reaching the crest of the wave of opularity in Brazil in the early '60s, the bossa nova begins a slow decline in audience in Brazil. However (and curiously) its divulgence and enrichment beyond Brazil borders continues to grow, even today.
I'm not talking about that the bossa nova is rejected in Brazil today, but every time its audience is smaller. In the other hand, the is bossa nova fans are growing in the world in our days.
And I, as a "by-product" of this phenomenon, I'm one of the many thousands who still grow strongly this distinctly Brazilian musical style, but has become a universal genre. In the world "there are a thousand desafinados like me" .... "Desafinados como eu".
There arises the idea and the name of that song.
In 2003, "Desafinados as eu" was included in the soundtrack of the film "Falling" (Clayton Allis, New York, 2003), becoming my first raid in music for films.

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