Piano sheet music and video of "Perto do horizon" (Near the horizon)

An separation and a rapprochement made bossa nova, eventual disagreements that happen in every twosome ... waiting for her to come back lethargically walking down the beach, waiting for the whole day if required ... two beings integrated in nature, nature that brought them together in the seashore and wants to see them to be together again, history already written in the incessant coming and going of the see, in the morning breeze, in the wet seaside, in the evening of a hot day ... the beloved women silhouette apeears slowly approaching from behind the aerosol of the surf, ... a love story continues when the day ends near the horizon, the shadow of a passionate embrace that is stretched over the warm sand of the afternoon, a consummated love in the moonlight ... as Newton Mendonça said ... "isto é bossa nova, isto é muito natural" ...(this is bossa nova, it's so natural)

German Bense



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