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Lyrics, guitar chords and video of "Você em meu espaço" (You on myspace)

Social networks (Facebook, Myspace, twitter, Google+, etc..) seem to have changed our lives permanently, and the bossa nova couldn't ignore that phenomenon.
Being faithful to the premise that "the Bossa Nova always be nova", I decided to compose this song that refers directly to this new phenomenon of our times, as well as, to the almost definitely way that those cybernétics ocial networks have changed our lifes.
There are people who practically can't live without social networks, in the same way there are other people who consider social networks as something harmful. And between these two extremes there is a wide range of opinions, all very respectable indeed.
This bossa not side with either of these points of view, simply try to show the undeniable importance that this new communication way has taken regarding human behavior, and tells a hypothetical story of their potential outcomes, with an emphasis, in this case, in the "love through internet" (don't forget that the relationship bossa nova - love is indivisible, at least from my point of view).
A love story generated by the apparent closeness that a social network can creates, versus the physical distances that such networks may involve, and the result, in this case, frustrating.

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