Lyrics, guitar chords and video of "Olhando a cruz do sul" (Looking at the Southern Cross)

"Olhando to Cruz do Sul" is the a non literal portugues translation of my own bossa nova "What Kind of Love" (2001), and while it isn't a literal translation from English to Portuguese, in that version I attempt to keep the spirit of the original lyrics .
As in the original version, that one makes a questioning about the different aspects of love and its eventual disappointments, perhaps even in a frustrating way, but, nevertheless, trying to expound that disenchantment with the sweetness and peace that the bossa nova proposes
In short, both "Olhando to Cruz do Sul" and "What Kind of Love", invite to reflection on the true nature of love, its fuzzy boundaries, its illogical-logic and its indisputable role as a "spiritual motor" of our lifes.

German Bense


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