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Lyrics, guitar chords and video of "Negocio de esquecer" (Subject to forget)

"I will die singing, but I will live dreaming" bossa nova dedicated to independent artists.
The artist's life is often very unpleasant, especially for independent artists, artists who have decided to depart from the standard market to open his own way.
In this context, persistence becomes determinant about the "to be or not to be" in an artist career.
Not being able to have the heavy machinery of mass media disclosure, and taking in mind that people "forget very quickly," independent musicians must rely on the persistence and love of his/her art and his/her audience, as a resource to keep his/her work relevance.
In summary, independents artists almost never appears in a magazine cover, not sunbathing in Cote d'azur, however, remains the owners of themselves.
This bossa nova, "Negocio de esqueçer" (subject to forget) could be also called "bossa nova of the persistence".

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