Lyrics, guitar chords and video of "Between the sand and the sea"

"Between the sand and the sea" is the twin sister song of "Mulher Estrela do Mar", and like her sister was motivated by the same stimulus and situation ... a recurring dream in which a mysterious woman emerges from the sea , a bit of a goddess, a bit of a siren ... a delightfully dreamy presence that dances to my enjoyment between the sand and the sea, and which, like a shooting star, suddenly disappears, just as it appeared.
While the scenario and motivation match, the music and the lyrics are quite different. The music is composed in a slow "samba canção" style (almost bolero) and the lyrics describe that vision in a more sensual and enchanted way than in "Mulher Estrela do Mar" (besides being written in English and have no official translation into Portuguese yet).
I always live waiting for the night, so that the dreams take me again to towards de world where you live, and thus can love you again.

German Bense


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