Lyrics, melody and chords in real book format and video of "Passeio Astral" (An astral walk)

 "Passeio Astral" (An astral walk) ... a travel through the sidereal fantasies being passenger in a dream craft called "Bossa Nova"
Obviously inspired in the moonlight, the thoughts scrolls free in a waterfall of fantasies, exciting feelings and passions, delightful secret passions that preserve it impunity of in the the light-dark of the night.
A simple mortal who finds protection in the arms of a bright goddess, mysterious, deliciously curvaceous, a timeless adagio, an impossible dream, a kiss distant light years from his mouth.
"Astral Walk" is neither awake nor dream, is bossa nova in "alpha" state, in the fuzzy boundary between certainty and uncertainty, sometimes in a limbo between the real and surreal, sometimes in a kind of purgatory between heaven and hell.
Bed sheets that become clouds, glow of the moon on the sea that turns skin, woman skin where surf ... sidereal space that turns sensual space, the perfect stage for love, a passional amphitheater that only off their lights when the sunrise comes

German Bense


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