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Lyrics, melody and chords in real book format and mp3 of "Um sonho por cumprir" (A dream that to fulfill)

"Um sonho por cumprir" is a non-literal portuguese translation of my own original bossa nova song "A dream that to fulfill" (2000).
The Portuguese translation of this "sambinha" has a very important testimonial significance for me. Due to my "particular situation" as Uruguayan bossa nova composer, Rio de Janeiro, the bossa birthplace, has always been a high preference at the time to show my musical works.
I confess that it was difficult to obtain the possibility of made musical gigs there at the "cidade maravilhosa" ... there're "cariocas" that has been given to me all there backing and even affection, surely taking in mind the fact of being an Uruguayan "bossanoivst", others was appreciated respectfully my songs, and others, I admit, others dislike the fact that an Uruguayan assume the challenge of compose bossa nova.
It happens that, in addition to my Uruguayan condition that could doesn't help, there are some people who affirm (and I respect and understand to some extent), that the bossa nova was simply a musical movement "confined by bonds" that doesn't accept refurbishment and/or new works . That contradicts my opinion that the bossa nova is a musical genre, a Rio de Janeiro musical genre, that is undeniable, Rio de Janeiro is its crib, but it's a musical genre like the tango, rock, jazz (for example) and already has transcended the borders of his home to become a universal musical genre, heritage of humanity.
And that bossa nova has got grounded in its amazing qualities, as lyrical and musical, so it seems to me absurd to deny its universal condition.
So I turn away from that protectionist thinking assumed by some intellectuals associated with bossa nova, and and I approach the fresh and innovative attitude of self-creation. The bossa nova must remain "nova", and in a respectful manner with regard to gender schemas and keys, and obviously, the enormous respect for the founding fathers, those geniuses who created this way for us to ride ...and continue! The bossa nova should continue renewing.
Protectionism is bad, is not "genetically enriching" to a musical genre, protectionism mummify it, freezes it. In that context, the
bossa nova becomes a vain chronological sequence of events, memories and tributes.
And in that context is inserted "Um sonho por cumprir" ... could say that I've done part of that dream ...I already made 3 artistic tours to Rio de Janeiro to show my songs there in the "Cidade maravilhosa", 2009, 2011 and 2012.
Nevertheless, I believe that this dream has not been fully met, and may never be fulfilled ... that's the bittersweet side of this history.

German Bense


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