Lyrics, melody and chords in real book format + video of "Anonimato" (Anonimity)

Always when I sing this bossa nova I request the audience if can say me ... who hasn't had a secret love? at least a puppy love ... in the best case ... I say, who is without sin, shoot the first stone, but please, be good, don't point to me, I don't want death by lapidation, haha!
All of us, at some point, we've had our "secret love", true?
I wrote this song framed in a time where there were no digital cameras ... times where precisely the photos were framed. But the photo of a secret love shouldn't be framed ...never, right? ...that kind of photos should be adored anonymously.
"Impossile dreams sometimes can be a reason to live" ... the secret loves should be remain anonymous, always (at least it should be), they feel anonymous, they're suffering in the anonymity ... hide in the safest place of the heart .
However, in times of loneliness and disappointment, those loves can be a source of encouragement and hope, a reason for living.
Today, the thousands photos that social networks offer as potential secret loves have finally destroyed that magic..I think it's an exaggeration haha. But for a person who, for different reasons, becomes vulnerable to passion, social networks can become a trap, people can get caught in that net ... Is that why they are called social NETworks?? haha
Moreover, this "anonymity" becomes history, the aforementioned social networks themselves are responsible to reveal every secret, every treasured feeling, in spite of its "solid" privacy policies.
But this bossa was written in another time, a time more romantic and poetic, totally disconnected from the vertigo that pushes us today in our daily lives.

German Bense


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